I have been doing some research on-line about the nutritional value of sperm and other different facts about semen for you coeced cum eating boys. Well, before I post the nutritional value of semen I want to do a little more research about it and get some more conclusive evidence and better sources to back up what I have to say. Let’s just say that, from research so far, it seems that cum is a low calorie snack, but I’ll let you know more later! Any guesses as to what the nutritional value of cum is?

I found a few articles though, well websites about sperm really and some had some very interesting statements about the anti-depressant abilities of cum when injested. Apparently, the studies were done on women and their sexual relationships and whether or not they injested sperm, but I think that the same results would hold true for men who eat cum…I mean, look at how happy you coerced bi faggots are after you get a load of cum to your faces, or you coerced cum eaters after you eat a nice big load of your hot, sticky goo. Anyways, the less condom use that women had, the higher they scored on a happiness test that determined how happy the women were. Cum is made of many components (which I will talk about in more detail later), but some of those components are hormones, which can alter a person’s mood. These different hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, FSH, etc. are thought to enhance a person’s mood, thus making them happier. So, the more cum you eat, the happier of a life you will live! Well, it sounds good at least.

I posted on my Penis Domination blog different ways that a person can change the flavor of his cum to make it more palatable, thus making him want to eat it more and more. I have found different sites on the internet that sell pills that are supposed to make cum sweeter, so when I do some more research on them I will also let you know. Also, if anyone wants to be my research assistant and try out the different supplements and then let me know what the outcome of them are, I would really appreciate it! I am sure that there are just tons and tons of different supplements, but we can start trying them out to get some reviews! I wonder if anyone of you readers have already tried any of these supplements to try to change the flavor of your cum?

I wonder if anyone tried the cum recipe that I posted earlier in the week? And if so, did you enjoy the cum recipe? Leave a comment, or send me an e-mail and let me know.

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