Are you a closet cum eater? Call Ms. Hunter (800) 601-6975Are you a closet cum eater?  I get a lot of calls from guys who eat their cum or who want to eat their cum and need a little help actually following through.  I also get a lot of calls from guys who vehemently deny they want to eat their cum and refuse to talk about it.  While I do believe that some of these guys are genuine, I also believe a good portion of these guys actually want to- maybe even do- eat their cum but they don’t want anybody to know about it.

Closet Cum Eater Watches Bukkake Porn

A hallmark sign of the closet cum eater is that he watches a lot of bukkake porn.  A lot of guys like watching this type of porn because they imagine themselves being the one spraying the cum all over the woman’s face but closet cum eaters watch this type of porn because they imagine themselves getting cum shot all over their face and in their mouth.

No Cream Pie for the Closet Cum Eater

While some men have no problem performing oral sex on their significant other after cumming inside them, others make a big show of how much they do NOT want to do that because the LAST thing they want to do is taste their cum.  Again, for a few this may be true, but a lot of these quick-to-deny guys are actually closet cum eaters who eat their own cum in private and fantasize about eating other men’s cum but would never in a million years admit that to another person for fear of embarrassment or humiliation.

You Know Who You Are, Closet Cum Eater

If you’re reading this, closet cum eater, don’t you think it’s about time to eat your cum out of the closet, so to speak?  There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.  You are not alone.  Actually, a large majority of men eat their own cum and many of those also crave cum from other men.

Go ahead, closet cum eater.  Give me a call and eat that cum on cam for me!

Until next time, pets~

Your Cum Eating Fantasies Mistress