CFNM. Foot worship. Cum Eating. Do these not seem like the perfect companion fetishes?  I sure think they do!


CFNM, Foot Worship, and Cum Eating

Think about it… you’re naked and vulnerable, on your knees in front of a gorgeous, fully-clothed woman, kissing and worshiping her feet while stroking your pathetic pud until you get so excited, you cum on her feet and lick your cum off of those beautiful, perfect feet.


Clothed Female, Naked Male

CFNM, Foot Woship, and Cum Eating withh Mistress Hunter(800) 601-6975

Oh, no dear… I am not the one getting naked. You are!

The clothed female, naked male fetish or CFNM is one of my favorite fetishes because it requires you to be naked and vulnerable, which are two of my favorite things in a submissive.

I also love luring the potential naked male in with the hope that he may get to see me naked at some point, too.  You know, that old “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” adage.

Of course, I have no intention of showing him mine.  Instead, my intention is to remain fully-clothed, except for possibly bare feet and legs, while he strips naked and kneels in front of me, ready to masturbate for me, obeying my every command.

Stroking for me, worshiping my feet, asking for permission to cum, hoping I’ll give permission to cum on my sexy, bare feet so he can lick the cum off of them.

CFNM, foot worship, and cum eating… Mmmm… the perfect scenario, don’t you think?


Foot Fetish (and Leg Fetish)

Foort Worship and Cum Eating with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975Adding to the CFNM Fetish, doesn’t it make perfect sense to do a little foot worship while you’re down there, naked and on your knees?  It sure does, to me!  Teasing you with my pretty feet and sexy long legs so close to you yet so far out of reach it isn’t funny.

Let’s face it. I’m waaaaaay out of your league, and you know it.  You should’ve been suspicious when I approached you and suggested you come back to my place but you weren’t.

You were so horned up and excited that someone as gorgeous as I am actually gave you the time of day, you squelched that nagging feeling in the back of your mind.

It’s okay that you did squelch that nagging feeling because, as you’re about to find out, you REALLY get excited by being naked and on your knees in front of me and my gorgeous legs and feet.  I teased you with them all night.. I saw you looking at them. Now, here they are, right in front of you.  So close.  Mmmmm…. that little dick is throbbing and twitching soooo much right now, isn’t it?

Go on, kiss my pretty feet.  Kiss them. Lick them. Worship them.  Ooooh look, the more excited you get, the more your little dicky twitches and the faster that hand moves trying to masturbate that tiny penis.  It’s only a matter of time before the excitement is too much and you blow your wad, isn’t it?


CFNM, Foot Worship, and Cum Eating

Cum Eating and Foot Worship with Mistress (800) 601-6975Now we’ve covered the CFNM, and the foot worship part. So good, so far, right?  Seems like the perfect progression, doesn’t it?  Of course, it does!  It doesn’t stop there, though.

As I mentioned, that little dicky is so excited at the fact that you are naked and vulnerable, on your knees in front of me, on top of the fact that you’re getting to kiss, lick, and worship these sexy feet you’ve been thinking about all night, that it’s just a matter of time.

When you finally can’t take it any longer and are about ready to explode with orgasm, you know what to do, don’t you pet?  You beg for permission to cum.  Beg for permission to cum all over my pretty little toes and feet and to lick it them all clean for me.

That thought is just too much and sure enough, you explode, all over those sexy feet.  Before you know what has happened, you are bent down, tongue working diligently to clean all that cum off of my feet.

Finally, after my feet are licked clean, you collapse in front of me, still naked and vulnerable, but happy and satiated.

There you have it, pets.  The reason why CFNM, foot worship, and cum eating are companion fetishes.  Makes for a terrific scenario, don’t you think?!

Until next time~

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