Throughout much tease and denial, so many of you are hell bent on eating your own cum right up to the moment of the big “O”. We all know, that cum, like blood is best drank warm and directly from the body. Not sitting around congealing on a salad. Besides, you know how hard it is to get some guys to eat a salad?

So I have devised a method of immediate cum slurping at the precise moment of orgasm. It’s the cum straw. No longer will you be coerced to gulp a cold slimy shot of your own jizz. The cum straw can be gently inserted into the head of your cock and is long enough to reach your mouth. Just to make it more entertaining I’ve had the cum straw shaped into a crazy straw as well. That’s right, just imagine. An extra long, cum-filled, crazy straw so you can watch your cum ride that rollercoaster on its way to shooting into your mouth right as you blow your load. Genius! I tell you. Simply genius.

For those of you who want to make your own at home, simply tape 2 or 3 regular straws to a crazy straw (depending on how gifted you are) and lean back, start stroking and watch the fun begin. It’s better than Hot wheels tracks. Best of all, you are guaranteed instant gratification with a shot in your mouth, the very moment you cum. Now swallowing is all up to you. Warning: the cum straw is not an effective tool for a good money shot but it is guaranteed to give you a mouthful of your own cum, when used as directed.

Are you trying to get up the nerve to drink your own cum? Get your shot glass out, get on cam and give me a call for some good old fashioned coerced cum-eating humiliation.