Do you find yourself craving cum all the time?  Is it just yours you crave, or do you crave others’ cum, too?  I’ve been told by many a cumeater that they have a constant craving (queue K.D. Lang) for cum; that once they get that first taste, they always want more.  What I want to know is, what motivates this craving?

Crave the Taste

Eat More Celery, Cum Eaters!

Is it that taste you crave?  Do you eat certain foods like celery and pineapple to make your cum taste better and to help you produce more of it?  It’s true that eating pineapple improves the taste of your cum.  It is also true that eating celery not only improves the taste of your cum but celery also increases your cum volume.  Maybe you prefer that salty, slightly bitter taste, and that’s okay, too.

Crave the Naughtiness

Maybe it’s not the taste you crave at all.  Maybe it’s the excitement and thrill you get out of doing something so naughty and taboo that you’re craving.  Knowing you aren’t supposed to want to do it is often enough to make you to do it all the time.  Taboo is a turn-on!

Crave the Control

Maybe it’s neither of those.  Maybe it’s the fact that a dominant, sexy woman is ordering you to do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do on your own.  The fact that she expects you to eat your own cum if you are to be allowed release might be what gets you going.  In that case, you are craving the control of being made to eat your own cum.

All of the Above

Maybe you crave the taste, the naughtiness, and the control that go along with eating your cum for a woman.  In that case, how can it be anything but exciting to be made to eat your own cum for a Mistress?

What Motivates your Cum Craving?

Do you have a constant craving for cum?  What motivates that craving?

Until next time, pets~