Looking for some cum eating instructions wrapped with a fun, cuckold scenario?  If so, look no further!  You’ve found it!  Cuckold and cum eating are two things that naturally go together, so I thought it would be fun to create a little Cuckold CEI assignment.  For this assignment, you will need a dildo, cucumber, or other phallic-shaped object.  You’ll find out why, at the end.


Cuckold Cum Eating

Cuckold Cum Eating Instructions with Ms. Hunter (800) 601-6975If you are already a cuckold or fantasizing about being a cuckold, I’m sure you’ve given plenty of thought to how you’d enjoy taking care of cuckold cream pies.  Chances are, you’ve also given plenty of thought to how you’d enjoy getting that hot, sticky spunk straight from the source.

Whether you enjoy licking that cream pie out of her freshly fucked pussy, licking his cum off of her body, or sucking that white hot jizz right out of his cock, you need a little practice to get used to the taste.  Eating his cum may sound really exciting in fantasy but sometimes the reality isn’t quite as idyllic as the fantasy.  This is where the importance of being prepared comes in.

The truth is, nothing can completely prepare you for every single cuckold cum eating scenario but there are still some things you can do to get yourself ready for when the time “cums.”


Eating Your Own Cum: Cuckold Training Program

The Cum Eating Position - Cum Eating InstructionsEating your own cum is usually the first step in preparing to be a cuckold, much as it is also the first step in preparing to be a good cocksucker.  As they say, cum eating is a gateway kink. LOL! So, exactly what ways can you eat your own cum or what cum eating instructions can you follow to prepare for future cuckold cream pie-eating and cuckold fluffer cum eating duties?

  • The Cum Eating Position – if you’ve followed the cum eating scene for any length of time, you know exactly what “the position” is.  You can lie on your back and throw your legs over your head (if you’re very flexible) or the easiest way to assume the cum eating position is to lie down and with your beg and legs up against a wall so your dick is pointed directly at your face.  If you manage to get all that sticky jizz in your mouth, great!  If not, scoop it with your finger and suck it off or scoop it into your mouth and swallow.
  • Cum on a Dildo – This is one of my favorite ways to have you practice getting splooge straight from the source.  When you get ready to cum, jizz on a big, thick dildo, get down on your knees, hold it in front of your face just like his cock would be if he was standing in front of you and you were blowing him, and suck it all off.


Eating Your Own Cum in a Cuckold Scenario

More than just eating the cuckold bull’s cum, a cuckold should also be made to eat his own cum- provided he is allowed an orgasm.  Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Rub your clitty through panties while sitting in the corner and watching the cuckold bull give your significant other orgasm after orgasm.  Wear your cum in the panties until after you’ve finished cleaning up the cuckold cream pie and then get down on your knees in front of her and lick your own cum out of the panties, thanking her for allowing you to do so.
  • Lick his cream pie out of her pussy or lick his cum off her body while humping a pillow, or, if you’re lucky- her leg.  When you blow that jizz wad, lick it up from her leg or the pillow while thanking her for the opportunity to do so.
  • Lick his cream pie out of her pussy while he fucks the cum right out of you, causing it to go all over the place.  When he is finished, crawl around trying to find all that sticky goo and lick it all up, no matter where it has landed.


Your Cuckold Cum Eating Instructions

cum eating, cock suckingTake that dildo, cucumber, or other phallic object you gathered prior to reading this post and hold it right next to your own dick while masturbating.  If you leak any pre-cum while jerking your lil dick, scoop it off, paint it on your lips like lip gloss, and if there is any left, lick it off your finger.

When you get close to cumming, get down on your knees and finish stroking until you cum, jizzing all over that dildo, making sure to get every last drop.  Once you’re completely drained, hold it up in front of your face and suck all your spunk off that dildo.

There you have it pets~ your Cuckold CEI Assignment!

Craving More Assignments?

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Until next time~

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