It’s time for all you accomplished cum eaters to gear up for the cum eating challenge!

I challenge you to see how much cum you can eat in one week.  The challenge goes from March 24-29.  Here are the details:

  • You must email me at prior to March 20th to let me know you are taking the challenge.
  • The email should include your cum-eating goal.  It can be measured in # of ejaculations, weight, cups, or # of cum cubes (see saving cum for a session for details on cum cubes).
  • You must eat your cum on cam in order for it to count toward the challenge.
  • How you eat your own cum is up to you.  You can slurp it from a spoon, lick it up, guzzle it in a cum cocktail, eat it on food, suck it from a dildo (or your own cock if you are one of the lucky ones who can perform autofellatio), or any other way you choose.
  • You can save it up for a period of time beforehand so you have plenty ready for the challenge or you can masturbate as often as you need to and are able to get your cum fresh from the spigot, so to speak.
  • If you meet or exceed your goal, I will write about you in the Cum Eating Challenge Results.

Saving Cum for Later

If you want to save your cum prior to the challenge, you may want to follow the tips in Saving your Cum for a Session.  Cumsicle also adds that in addition to the tips given in the post,

“I’d add that a sealed container is the best option, with less contact with the air. Same during the thaw process. The least amounnt of time out in the open is probably best. But thawing isn’t even necessary! Taste it while frozen and you’ll see that it tastes the most like fresh. You just have to get used to the temperature not usually associated with cum.”

Reasons to Take the Challenge

  1. Eating your own cum is good for you, as proven by several scientific studies.  Read more about how cum eating is good for you.
  2. You know you have a hard time resisting a challenge.  You’re competitive.  And you like to eat your cum.  So why not?
  3. It will make me happy.  It *is* all about making ME happy, isn’t it?

Well, what are you waiting for?  You know you want to do it.

Until next time~