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Are you ready for cum eating denial?

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How do you deny cum eating sluts?  I suppose denying orgasm is one way, but that’s boring and really doesn’t end up being about denied cum eating so much as it is about orgasm denial.

When you are craving creamy loads of cum, the orgasm is important but part of the experience that is most exciting, is, of course, eating your own cum!  What better way to deny a cum eating addict, than to deny him the very thing he craves most?

Cum Eating Denial: Collect the Jizz and Save for Later

One of the ways of doing this is to have you actually collect the cum and save it for a later time, perhaps when the cum eating denial period is over, so you can really be a cum guzzler and guzzle up all those saved-up loads of cum you’ve been craving!

Having to go through the motions of collecting the cum for later use and seeing it accumulate in your freezer is akin to teasing and taunting you.  Knowing you have all that creamy goo so close and yet, you are not allowed to enjoy it until *I* say you can.

Cum Eating Denial: Collecting your Cum in a Condom

Another way to tease you while denying you that cum eating experience is to make you shoot all that cum into a condom and throw it into the trash bin each time you ejaculate.  It would be torturous for you knowing that load of cum is safe and sound in that condom discarded in the wastebasket right by your bed.  Having to leave it there all week long, knowing it is there, yet knowing you cannot partake of that sticky goodness is another way to torment and tease you by causing you to crave slurping your cum from that condom during your cum eating denial.

I know it’s a novel thought, and probably not something you cum eaters have thought much about, but it may just be the thing for you to try in order to mix things up and keep it fresh.  What’d’ya say?

Until next time, cum eaters~

Your Cum Eating Fantasies Mistress Hunter