Listen to Me read Cum Eating: What is your Motivator

Listen to Me read Cum Eating: What is your Motivator

What motivates you to want to eat your own cum?  Is it the humiliation of being made to do it for a beautiful woman?  Is it the thrill of doing something so taboo? Is it because you actually like the taste of cum and find yourself craving it?  All of the above?

What is it you Crave?

I get a lot of calls from guys who fantasize about eating their cum.  Many of you have tried it unsuccessfully a few times, finding that once you orgasm, your desire to eat your cum fades.  When I hear this, I usually ask

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What’s your cum eating motivator?

you a series of questions to determine the motivation behind your fantasy- what it is that you crave.

Knowing what it is that you crave as the underlying factor to your desire to eat cum helps me coach you to cum eating success.  There are many motivations behind cum eating fantasies and sometimes those motivations change as the fantasies evolve, but there are a few common motivating factors behind the cum eating fantasy.

Common Cum Eating Motivators

1) Humiliation – For these cum eaters, the humiliation of being made to shoot their cum in their mouth by throwing their legs up over their head and assuming “the position,” licking their cum off their hand, or being fed their cum with a spoon by a beautiful woman is what makes cum eating such a turn-on for them.

2) Taboo Thrill – These cum eaters get a secret thrill out of doing something that is considered taboo- something no man would ever admit to another man that he’s even thought of, much less done.  It’s like a dirty little secret that gives them a little thrill whenever they think about it.

3) Cock Curious – These cum eaters crave cum but more importantly, they crave the cock.  They eat their own cum in preparation for, or while they fantasize about, sucking cock.  They want to feel a real cock in there as it swells up and sprays that hot, sticky cum over the back of their tongue and down their throats.

4) Cum Connoisseur – These cum eaters crave the taste of cum.  They enjoy eating various foods and trying different things, like eating pineapple to transform the taste of their cum or eating celery to help them produce more cum.  These types often save the cum in the freezer and make cum cocktails for their cum eating enjoyment.

There you have it, pets.  The four most common types of cum eaters, as I see it.  What’s your cum eating motivator?

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