Hey cum eater, do you also have a foot fetish? These two fetishes often go together and sometimes trying to figure out which one started first is almost like trying to figure out whether the chicken or the egg came first.  One seems to be a natural evolution to the other as well as evolution into other fetishes, as well. Sometimes it evolves into the clothed female, naked male (CFNM) fetish, other times it goes along with small penis humiliations, and other times it is all of the above and then some!


Cum Eating Foot Fetish


Do you enjoy summer because its sandal season and all those gorgeous feet are on display every where you go, like a foot fetish smorgasbord? Do you find yourself always looking down whenever women are around because you want to see what their feet look like? So you can imagine sucking those pretty little toes and licking the soles and arches clean? Of course you do!

Do you think about how nice it would be to have her pretty bare feet giving your little dick a foot job until it spews hot, sticky jizz all over those pretty feet and toes? Do you think about how hot it would be if she were to immediately put her toes in your mouth as soon as you finish cumming all over them and order you to lick that hot, sticky cum off those pretty little toes?

You are hard right now just thinking about that, aren’t you? The thought of having a foot job with those pretty bare feet was enough to get you hard but when you add to that the thought of her scooping that cum with her toes and feeding your own cum to you by shoving them in your mouth and ordering you to suck them clean really gave you an extra jolt didn’t it?  Maybe you have thought about eating your own cum but can’t bring yourself to do it on your own but I’d bet almost anything that if this particular opportunity presented itself you wouldn’t give eat your cum a second thought, would you?



Naked and Kneeling at Her Feet


Do you imagine yourself naked and on your knees in front her her long, sexy legs and pretty feet in scrappy sandals? Naked and jerking your little dicklet while she tells you how inadequate your small penis is and how she’ll never let you fuck her? The more she laughs at you and the more you stare at those gorgeous legs and feet, the more you think all you want to do is to cum all over them and lick your cum off her feet?

You know your place is beneath her and that’s why you love kneeling naked before her fully-clothed body and staring at her pretty feet, just hoping for the chance to touch them in some way.  Touch them, kiss them, lick them.  She knows that. She knows how badly you want to touch her feet- how much you fantasize about them- and that’s why she tells you the only way you can touch her sexy feet is if you jerk your lil’ penis for her until it squirts cum all over her feet and then immediately bend down and lick her feet clean.

Even better, she’ll not only order you to lick your cum off her feet, she’ll shove your forehead back with her foot and then shove her toes in your mouth until your ball juice has been licked clean. After all, you are a submissive cum eater with a little dick and a foot fetish, so isn’t that the perfect combination?!  Of course it is!

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Until next time, cum eaters~

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