Be a cum eater! Eat your own cum!

Lick it Up, boy! Just Do It.

Do you fantasize about being a cum eater and eating your own cum often, but at the last minute, back out? Maybe you’ve never actually been serious about being a real-life cum eater, yet in fantasy, it gets you going. Either way, what is your hesitation? Just DO IT!!

Cum Eating is Good for You

If you need to be convinced to eat your cum, here’s a good reason for you: Cum eating is good for you!  That’s right, there are many benefits to ingesting the hot, sticky jizz, not the least of which is slowing the aging process.  Seriously, there is scientific proof that being a cum eater will help slow the aging process!  As if that wasn’t reason enough, among other things, it boosts the immune system and even deters baldness!!  No joke, there is scientific proof that cum eating is good for you!

Eating Your Cum for a Mistress

It’s very common to fantasize about eating your cum and then, after you orgasm, lose the urge and not follow through.  That’s where eating cum for a Mistress comes in.  It’s much easier to eat that cum when a Mistress is telling you to do it and you do not want to disappoint.  Most of the time, just having someone hold you accountable is enough to make you follow through- but not always.

Cam Cum Eater

For those few who still can’t bring themselves to do it on a phone call, a cam call is a good option.  This way, I am watching you and there is no fooling me about whether you eat your cum.  I prefer for you to be on cam during cum eating calls for this very reason.  Well, that, and I just love to watch you gobble up that jizz! 🙂

Until next time, pets~

Your Cum Eating Fantasies Mistress

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