Have you used internet-controlled sex toys to enhance your cum eating and cum play fun? If you haven’t, why not?  If you have, then you surely know what I’m talking about when I say it enhances your cum eating and cum play experience in many ways!


Prolonged Prostate Massage = More Cum Play Fun


Prostate Milking and Cum Eating go Together Like Peanut Butter and JellyHave you combined anal play and/or prostate massage along with your cum eating masturbation sessions? If you truly enjoy being a cum eater and want as much cum as possible to swallow, then a prostate milking is the way to significantly increase the amount of pre-cum and cum for you to eat.

Conversely, if you have a difficult time following through with eating your cum after orgasm, then using internet-controlled toys is a good way to gain a significant increase in the amount of pre-cum, allowing you to eat it while still horny. In addition to turning your dick into a never-ending leaky faucet with a steady stream of pre-cum, let’s not forget about just how good a prostate massage feels and how powerful prostate orgasms can be!

Maybe I’ll let you stroke while I’m controlling that anal toy or maybe I’ll have you use it as a strategically-placed vibe on your dick, balls, and taint. There are so many ways these internet-controlled sex toys can be used- some more ways than others. One thing is for certain, though- if there is any way to use the toy other than it’s intended use, I will certainly think of it and have you try it!


Internet Controlled Plugs and Vibes: The Element of Surprise


Mistress Hunter Controls your Anal Toy via the Internet (800) 601-6975Using Internet-controlled plugs and vibes is a great way to add excitement and surprise during your cum play fun masturbation session. This is true for several reasons, of course, but I think one of the most exciting reasons is the fact that you are no longer in control. I will dial the intensity up and down as I see fit.  In fact, I may even stop it altogether so I can hear you desperately beg for me to start it back up again.

Maybe, I’ll turn it all the way up and leave it there until you’re on the very edge of orgasm and then turn it all the way down or even off to either stop that orgasm, or even better- ruin your orgasm!  If the orgasm is ruined, there will be some cum for you to eat while I continue to give you masturbation instructions and control the sex toy.


Which Internet-Controlled Sex Toy Should I Get?


You may be thinking having me control your sex toy during a phone sex cum eating and cum play session sounds like a lot of fun but don’t yet have one and aren’t quite sure which one will work best for you. Check out my guide to internet-controlled sex toys to get some ideas. Is there anything on that list you want to try? Maybe there’s something you’ve heard about but don’t see it on the list.  Drop a comment and let me know which one looks most appealing to you or if there’s one you’re curious about but don’t see on my list.

Did you know I can also control your sex toy outside of a session, if you’d like? Perhaps, I’ll assign you to wear a condom to work along with your internet-controlled butt plug and will crank it on and off as I see fit while you go about your day!  Imagine being at work and trying to act normal when out of nowhere that vibrating butt plug is cranked to high and you have to act like nothing is happening! Ha! That should be interesting, huh? If you’re thinking of having me control your toy outside of a session, here is the link to purchase an hour of internet-controlled sex toy fun!

If you already have an internet-controlled sex toy, which one(s) do you have? Do you like what you have or are you looking to try a different one? Drop a comment and let us know what you have, if you enjoy it and why, and what you’d like to try next.

There you have it~ reasons why internet-controlled sex toys add to your cum eating and cum play fun!

Until next time, cum sluts~

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