Hello cum eaters! Today, I want to talk about swallowing His cum for the first time. If you’ve been eating your own cum for a while now and even started fantasizing that it was another man’s cum you were eating, why haven’t you sucked a real cock and swallowed another man’s cum in real life, yet?

What’s holding you back? Logistics? Safety? Nerves?  Let’s take a look at some of the excuses I frequently hear and poke a hole through them, leaving you no excuse other than to actually follow through with sucking cock and swallowing His cum.


First Time Cock Sucker


Cuckold Cum Eater or Cock SuckerIf you’ve never actually sucked a cock in real life but have been fantasizing about it for quite some time, it’s only natural that the next step would be to become a real-life cock sucker. It’s also only natural that you’ll have the first-time blow job jitters, wondering if you’re doing it right.

This is where cock sucking practice come in. It’s never enough to just fantasize about how you’ll suck cock when the time comes. Like everything, it takes practice, practice, practice! How do you practice? With a great big dildo, of course! You need to learn how to worship that cock as well as how to deep throat and hold your head steady while he fucks that face.

Even more importantly, you need to be prepared for when that big cock gets ready to shoot that hot, sticky load of cum and how you’re going to react to it. How will you react? You will keep sucking and swallow that cum, of course! That is, unless HE decides to give you a cum facial, in which case, you should scoop as much as you can from your face, into your mouth.


Swallowing His Cum Right out of His Cock


How can you prepare for swallowing his cum load? Again, practice, practice, practice! First and foremost, you need to have already been eating your cum after every single orgasm whether you like the taste of it or not. After all, how can you be prepared to swallow his cum if you can’t even swallow your own?

In addition to conditioning yourself to like the taste of your own cum, or the taste of cum in general, you’ll also need to be prepared for hot, sticky stream of cum to erupt from that cock and down that throat with such velocity, you’ve swallowed before you know it.  It is human nature to pull away when you feel that cock getting ready to cum but that is not what a good cock sucker / cum eater does. A good cocksucker keeps right on sucking until all of the cum has been drained from those balls and that cock has been licked clean.

How do you condition yourself to not pull away? Lots of practice and talking through it with your Mistress as well as cock sucking role-play scenarios. Cumming on a dildo and sucking it off is something else that should be done often, as part of the conditioning.


Are You Ready, Cock Sucker?


Have you been eating your own cum for quite a while but haven’t yet allowed yourself to delve into your secret cocksucker fantasies? Maybe it’s time you explore those secret fantasies with your cum eating Mistress.

Have you been fantasizing about sucking cock for quite some time but have not yet explored being a cock sucker in real life? What’s stopping you?  Give me a call and let’s discuss how we can make your cock sucking fantasy a reality.

Until next time, cum eaters and cock suckers~

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