Women swallow cum all the time.  What are you gonna do, spit it out?  The logistics of that are just a little too silly when it makes perfect sense to swallow.  It’s already in your mouth, right?  May as well just take it like a man (as it were).  The texture of it is like nothing else, and the taste is unique to the man.  For some of us, swallowing cum is just convenient.

For you, it’s something else, though, isn’t it?

Cock Curious?

Maybe it was just curiosity the first time.  You wanted to know what millions of women already knew.  But that once just wasn’t enough, was it?  The second time, the third time, the hundredth time – those weren’t just curiosity.  Those were lust.  You wanted it.  You had to have it.  And, because you’re a man, you can pretty much get it any time you want.   (I guess swallowing is convenient for you, too.)

Cum: What’s your flavor?

I said that the flavor of cum is unique to the man, and it is.  I’ve been with men who were sweet, bitter, salty, or bland.  Like Forrest Gump’s mama said, cocks are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get.  (I’m pretty sure she said that, anyway.)  Sometimes when I’m at the Starbucks and I see a sexy young thing, all glowing skin and muscled body, I think, “Mmm, sweet.”  And it isn’t his disposition I’m talking about.

How many licks to get to the delicious cream filling?

When you’re sucking a cock – for those of us who suck cocks and you know who you are – the first few licks are like a brand new lollipop.  What does his skin taste like?  How is the texture of his cock?  And pretty soon, the smallest drop of pre-cum rises up on the end of that delicious confection and you get to sample the essence of him.  It’s like tasting the first rain drop of an inevitable flood.  It’s an acknowledgment that, yes, it may take a few licks, but eventually, you will get to the center.

Flavor sampler?

For those who are enjoying their own special elixir, I say good for you.  But I also can’t help but wonder if you’re considering sampling other brands.  Are you?  And if so, do you want it right from the source?   I mean, the good stuff – fresh, hot, thick.  Or would you rather have it chilled and served with no middle man in the way?

Tell me how you want it.  We both know you do.

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