Hey there, cum sluts!  I’m sure you’ve noticed that Forced to Eat Cum blog has moved.  Why, you ask?  Well, think about it.  Am I really forcing you to eat that cum, or am I giving you an excuse to do what you’ve been obsessed with doing for years, but couldn’t quite bring yourself to do on your own?

Cum Eating Fantasies, Cock Sucking Fantasies, or Both?

Oh, I know all about your cum eating fantasies.  I know you jerk off thinking about how you’d like to be slurping that ooey, gooey cum right down your throat.  I also know that the real reason you want to eat your own cum is because it will add a taste (pun intended) of reality to the cocksucking fantasy you are really thinking about!  After all, you are a straight guy fantasizing about sucking cock, but you wouldn’t want anybody to think less of you for doing so, would you?

Cum Straight From the Cock

You see, you don’t want to admit to me that you have those cocksucking fantasies, because you are afraid I might think you are a cock sucking faggot.  Or, worse yet- saying it out loud might really turn you into a cock sucking faggot.  So, instead of telling me that you are fantasizing that you are down on your knees with your lips wrapped around a big, thick dick, you tell me you are just curious what cum tastes like, so you want to eat your own.  The reality is, you want to know what cum tastes like when, with your lips wrapped around a big, thick cock, it sprays in your mouth and slides down that throat!

Not-So-Forced Cum Eating

So, bottom line, cum eaters, is that whatever your reason for wanting to eat that cum, you still want to do it.  Oh, sure- you like to have a little encouragement from me; a reason to follow through that keeps you from thinking less of yourself, but the fact of the matter is- you crave that cum!

Until next time, cum eaters~

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