I hereby proclaim 2011 to be the Year of the CumEater!  “Why,”  you ask?  Well, my little man milk slurpers, read on, and you’ll soon find out.

Four Days and Twice as Many Cum Eaters

That’s right, in only 4 days I’ve heard from 8 addicted cum guzzlers. When I say addicted cum guzzlers, I mean hardcore “eat my cum every day” sort.  It’s a well known fact that most men crave their cum and fantasize about swallowing  all the cum they can get while they are masturbating, but completely lose the desire the minute they orgasm.

In other words, they are the “good to go until the O” sort, dabbling in the fantasy of eating cum, but never really following through.  In these cases, it’s good to have a Mistress coach your cum eating fantasy straight into reality.

Hardcore Cum Cravers

These weren’t the “Mistress please coach me into eating my cum” kind of cum eaters.  Nay, these were the hardcore cum cravers and self-sucking addicts who wanted to show off on cam for Mistress.

These were the ones who save it up until they have an entire glass full of the slippery spunk so they can guzzle that cum cocktail and  “Make Mistress proud.”  These were the ones that have been dishing up their own self-serving sauce for so long, they are eventually going to have to take it to the next level.  Eventually, they won’t be happy unless they are down on their knees sucking cock to get the cum straight from the source.

To you, oh hardcore cum cravers, I say “2011 is the Year of the Cock Sucker!”  You’ve managed to fast-track your way down Cum Eating Alley and straight onto Cock Sucker Street!

Until next time, cum eaters and cocksuckers-