As both a sissy training Mistress and a cum eating coach, I firmly believe all sissies should be cum eaters- whether it’s their own, someone else’s, or both! I am not alone in this thinking. In fact, I don’t know many Sissy Training Mistresses who feel otherwise.  All sissies should clean up their own cum, at the very least.


Sissies Don’t Deserve Orgasms


Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975 Says All Sissies Should Lick the Cum from Their PantiesYou’re probably thinking (especially if you are a sissy), “What? Sissies don’t deserve orgasms?” That’s right, they don’t. A sissy’s job is to serve, please, and entertain Mistress and her friends- both male and female- any way she sees fit. Sissies should not be allowed to think for themselves, instead learning to empty their mind of all thought except serving and obeying Mistress’s (or Master’s) command.

If you’re a sissy, you don’t deserve orgasms- aside from the occasional ruined orgasm– because if a sissy is allowed to make sissy cummies whenever she pleases, she will be less obedient and perhaps start thinking for herself, which should never be allowed. Sissy gurls should clean up all leakage from their prostate milkings and ruined orgasms because messes need to be cleaned up and to prepare sissy to be a cocksucking cum eater for those real men.

Though sissies should not have orgasms, at least not orgasms from playing with their clitty, they should have regular milkings and prostate orgasms, as they should learn that their pleasure come both from serving others and from their sissy pussy, not their sissy clitty. Sissy clitties should be caged and trained to stay soft, as there is no need for a hard sissy clitty. It’s useless!  Once a sissy has learned to have orgasms via prostate massagers and dildos in their sissy pussies, regular sissygasms are not only possible, they are expected.

Keep in mind, a sissygasm is nothing like the orgasms experienced from playing with the clitty. Not only is it an entirely different experience, sissygasms typically produce much more sissy cummies than traditional clitty-induced orgasms. This is good, because it provides more cum eating opportunities!


Sissies Should Always Clean Up All Cum- Theirs and His


Prostate Milking and Cum Eating go Together Like Peanut Butter and JellyThough I believe sissies should not be allowed to have full-blown orgasms on their own, I do believe they should clean up all leakage from milkings and prostate orgasms. They also should clean up any real man cum from Mistress’s pussy as well as straight from those cocks they suck. You may be thinking you don’t want to suck cock or you may saying those words as a front to cover for the fact that you really do want to be a cock sucker.  Either way, rest assured, you’ll eventually not only want to suck cock and swallow his cum, you’ll crave sucking his cock and swallowing his cum.

If you are a sissy and you aren’t already cleaning up any cummies that escape from your little clitty, you should be. Of course, as mentioned above, those cummies should only be induced through milking that sissy pussy until a sissygasm occurs.  As a thank you to Mistress for allowing the sissygasm, eating your own cum to clean up is required.

How about it sissy? Do you clean up those cummies? Have you learned to have proper sissygasms yet? Do you clean up HIS cum?

If so, great! Keep up the good work! If not, why not?! Give me a call and let’s get started with your cum eating and cock sucking training!

Until next time, pets~

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