Body worship and cum eating are two fetishes that go quite nicely together. Whether you are into sensual body worship or Femdom body worship, cum eating is the perfect companion.


First-Time Cum Eaters and Sensual Body Worship


Body Worship and Cum Eating Ideas with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975It seems those of you who have been haunting this cum eating blog but have not yet been able to follow through with eating their cum after orgasm have a much easier time following through with licking up that jizz when it’s on a part of Mistreses’ sexy body. Whether it’s licking it off of my beautiful breasts, licking it off my taught tummy, out of my sweet pussy, or even of my pretty little feet, the element of body worship makes it much easier to forget about the fact your eating your own cum.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to worship a gorgeous body? The fact that your cum is on a certain part of that gorgeous body should just add the excitement. I mean, how naughty and taboo is cum eating to begin with?! That is, after all, why you like eating your own cum, isn’t it? Or, at least like the thought of it? So, adding cum eating to body worship just makes kissing and licking her beautiful body that much more exciting!

Even seasoned cum eaters- those who have no trouble eating their own cum with or without the encouragement of a Cum Eating Mistress, enjoy adding the element of worshiping her gorgeous body to licking up their jizz juice.  Of course, there are those seasoned cum eaters who prefer a more sensual form of body worship, but my years of experience as a Femdom Cum Eating Mistress, is that those who are hardcore extreme cum eaters enjoy adding the element of Femdom body worship because it takes the cum eating humiliation level to the next level.



Seasoned Cum Eaters and Femdom Body Worship


I have had much success over the my many years of being a Femdom Mistress with getting those first time cum eater wannabes to finally succeed in licking up their spunk.  I have also been quite successful in taking those first time cum eaters and turning them into next-level cum sluts who can’t seem to get enough extreme cum eating humiliation. These seasoned cum sluts are always looking for new ways to up the ante on their cum eating humiliation.

Those of you who are true cum whores know exactly who you are and know that I’m taking about YOU when I say you’re always looking for ways to be more extreme in your cum eating excitement.  Whether it’s saving up more loads of cum than prior cum sluts and going on cam to humiliate yourself every way I can think of eating that cum and playing with that cum in every disgusting way I can think of.

You seasoned cum sluts crave the attention and recognition as being my most disgusting, prolific cum eater!  You’re reading this right now and getting all tingly because you recognize that I’m talking about YOU! Am I right?!

While Femdom Facesitting and Femdom Body Worship aren’t exactly the most disgusting ways to eat your cum, it is certainly far from sensual. Licking that cum off the souls of my boots after I’ve stepped in the mess you made on the floor, allowing you to cum on my ass just so I can sit on that face and bury your nose and mouth there until you’ve cleaned up every drop of your cum or until I decide it’s time to let you up for air- those are just two ways of mixing extreme cum eating with Femdom body worship.

Truly, the ways of incorporating either type of body worship are only as limited as the imagination. And, trust me, I have a very prolific imagination!

Are you ready for a cum eating, body worship session?  Give me a call and let’s get started!

Until next time, pets~

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