There are many creative ways to eat your cum that can help you be a successful first time cum eater and can also make things more interesting for those who consider themselves seasoned cum eaters. As I’ve told many of you before, this means there is absolutely no excuse for those of you cum eater wannabes who never manage to be successful.


Cum Eating and Food Play


Food play, or sploshing, is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to ensure cum eating success. There are many, many variations of this from simply shooting your hot jizz onto your favorite food and eating it to having some sploshing fun in the process.

Below are some of the fun ways my cum eaters have mixed cum eating and food play for me over the years. Some of them are for seasoned cum eaters and others are great to help cum eating wannabes succeed.

  1. Cum Coated Chocolate Game – This is a fun one, especially when done on cam as a Valentine’s Day present for your Mistress. Take a sample-size or other small box of chocolates, try to coat each of the chocolates with your hot jizz and eat them all on cam while I watch.
  2. Cum Berry Parfait (with or without whipped “cream” – This is one of the most popular ways for cum sluts to eat their cum and probably one of the most tasty. If you have been having a difficult time following through with eating your cum, this is probably one of the easiest ways to ensure success. If you are a seasoned cum eater, you can put a fun spin on this by using a stick blender to whip your cum into whipped “cream” before adding it to the berries.
  3. Coffee with Cum Creamer – This is a tried-and-true favorite morning drink of many of my seasoned cum eaters. If you aren’t a coffee drinker, you can always try it in a glass of chocolate milk or other favorite morning drink.
  4. Cum Cocktails – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Choose your favorite alcoholic beverage and add a shot of your very own hot, sticky jizz to it before guzzling it down. A favorite of one of my cum sluts is a dirty martini using hot jizz to make it “dirty” instead of olive juice.  Personally, I think you should make it doubly-dirty and use both!
  5. Banana Cream Pie – This one is super fun and actually quite tasty according to the many cum eaters who have tried it.  Peel a banana and break it off with about an inch left in the peel. Depending on your preference, masturbate and cum on the banana in the peel, eating it afterward or stroke with the banana peel and cum on the mushy banana left inside, mixing that hot jizz with the banana to make a tasty banana cream pie. Personally, I enjoy watching the latter much more than the former.  Most of the guys say it tastes better when mixed with mushy banana rather than just on top of it.


Non-Food Play Ways to Eat Your Cum


Not really into food play of think food play cum eating is for rookies? Below are some fun ways to eat your goo without involving food play.

  1. Crazy Cum Straw – This one is fun because it’s unique and… well, crazy! Plus, you get to do arts and crafts, adding to the anticipation and excitement.  Have you ever tried drinking your cum straight from the source through a crazy cum straw? If not, I’d love for you to not only give it a try but give it a try while on cam for me! Oh how I love to watch a cum guzzler! 😀
  2. The Cum Eating Position – This one is classic though sometimes results in cum facials more than actual cum eaters. If you are into the humiliation aspect of cum eating there are may reasons why this  one is for you!
  3. Various Cum Catchers – Many cum eaters enjoy licking the cum off of a colored plate, out of a shot glass, or in one case where multiple loads of saved cum were used, a champagne glass!
  4. Lick it Off the Floor – This is for those cum sluts who really enjoy humiliation.  Licking it off the floor, table, mirror, etc., intensifies the humiliation and cum eating excitement.
  5. Suck it off a Dildo – This is a favorite of cock suckers and wannabe cock suckers alike. Cumming on a nice big dildo and sucking it off is both exciting and humiliating. For those who lose the urge to eat their cum after orgasm, this is a good one to have a saved load or two to put on the dildo and suck it as you are masturbating.


What is YOUR Favorite Way to Eat Your Cum?


These are just a few ways cum sluts enjoy guzzling their goo, some a little more creative than others, but all equally fun to try.  Is one (or more) of your favorite way(s) to eat your cum listed? Which of these do you enjoy and why?

Do you have other creative ways to eat your cum not listed here? What are they and why do you enjoy them?

I look forward to reading your favorite ways to eat your cum and also to watching those of you who want to try some of these fun cum eating ideas on cam for me.

Until next time~


Your Cum Eating Fantasies Mistress