As I’m sure you’ve seen me mention multiple times if you’re a frequent visitor to my blog, CFNM and Cum Eating are two fetishes that very often go together. Though there are many different companion fetishes for cum eating, the clothed female, naked male fetish (CFNM) is a pretty common cum eating fetish companion.



Why Do CFNM and Cum Eating Go Together?


One of the reasons CFNM and cum eating go together is because they both involve inherent erotic humiliation. Whether it is discussed out loud or not, humiliation is a common theme between the two companion fetishes. Eating your own cum, particularly in the presence of a woman, is quite humiliating just as being naked and on your knees in front of a fully clothed woman is humiliating.

Whether you realize it or not, erotic humiliation is part of what makes eating your own cum so exciting.  Sure, it’s naughty and taboo and something you aren’t supposed to want to do and that makes it exciting but if it was only about doing it because it’s naughty and taboo, you would eat your own cum even when you’re by yourself.  But eating your own cum by yourself isn’t exciting, is it?

What makes eating your cum so exciting? The fact that a gorgeous woman who is out of your league is watching you gobble that goo. That’s what!  Humiliating yourself by eating your own cum in front of a woman- especially a dominant one- is what gives you those explosive orgasms, isn’t it?! Of course it is! You know damn well I’m right, even if you can’t seem to say the words out loud, don’t you?!  Of course you do!!



Humiliation, Humiliation, and More Humiliation!


Erotic HumiliationNow that that is out in the open, let’s talk a bit more about humiliation, shall we?  What is it about being humiliated that not only gets your dick hard but makes you have explosive orgasms? There is no single answer to this question but we can take look a bit at the psychology of sexual humiliation.

Erotic humiliation is typically something we are conditioned to enjoy based on environmental factors.  Were you humiliated when you were young by an authority figure or someone you looked up to? Maybe you were always shy, quiet, and submissive along with having a little dick and most of the time girls didn’t even give you the time of day until one of them laughed at you about something.

When she laughed at you, your little dick got hard and your face turned red with embarrassment because SHE paid attention to YOU.  Never mind that it was in a humiliating way, she still paid attention to you. You replay the scene over and over as fodder for masturbation until suddenly you realize, humiliation is what gets you off. As with any drug, over time, the level of humiliation needed to get off increases and until other fetishes become involved, as well.


Cum Eating Humiliation


Fast forward many years and that need for CFNM humiliation deepens until it isn’t enough just to be naked and vulnerable, kneeling in front of a fully-clothed woman, masturbating while she laughs at you. That’s a good start but you need deeper humiliation.  Enter submissive body worship and cum eating humiliation. Let’s not forget that what got you into the CFNM fetish in the first place is the fact that you love to hear women laughing at your small penis.

And so it goes with fetishes- they’re ever evolving, ever expanding.  How did YOU get into eating your cum?  Was it your original fetish or did it evolve over time from a companion fetish? Drop a comment and let me know!

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