With Independence Day coming up, I thought I’d ask all you cum sluts if you are ready to enjoy a red, white, and blue cum eater challenge? The red, white, and blue cum eating challenge requires you to find a food or foods that are these three colors then cum on those foods and eat them for me. For those of you who have had trouble following through with eating your own cum or who have trouble with the taste of their cum, this red, white, and blue cum eating challenge might just be the perfect way to finally achieve success as a cum eater.

What foods should you choose for this challenge? It really depends on your individual tastes but we will take a look at a few possibilities for each color and some potential combinations to help you be with this patriotic cum eatier challenge!


Incorporating Red Foods into Your Cum Eating Session


There are many different red-colored foods that would be good to eat your cum with. Some favorites of the many cum sluts who have called me over the years are cherry or strawberry jello, a bowl of cherries or strawberries.  Red raspberries, an apple with the peeling intact, and even tomatoes are some of the red foods that have been used by cum eaters during a cum play/cum eating session.

Have you ever thought about being an upscale cum eater by adding your “cum dressing” to a caprese salad? Or, what about red caviar? Not really upscale, but what about frosting a red velvet cake with your cum. That sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

What other red foods can you think of that would be good for your red, white, and blue cum eating session?


Mixing Your Jizz with White Foods


Fake Cum Recipes that Include Your CumHave you tried mixing your cum with whipped cream? Better yet, have you whipped up your cum with a stick blender until it was like whipped cream? What about “buttering” your toast?  Maybe a cum buttered muffin? Perhaps, adding a little extra creaminess to vanilla pudding? Perhaps you should “frost” an angel food cake , some sugar cookies, or “butter a biscuit.” Maybe cumming in a glass of milk?

There are a lot of different white foods that work well with eating your cum.  What other white foods can you think of?


Incorporating Your Cum Eating with Blue Foods


BlueberriesLet’s talk about blue foods that work for incorporating your cum.  There aren’t as many blue choices as perhaps white or red but the obvious choice of blue food would be blueberries, I’d say. Then there are blue raspberries and Concord grapes which have a bluish tint, as far as fruits go. Ooooh, and let’s not forget about elderberries.

Elderberries are great for the immune system and there are studies that show cum is full of nutrients, as well. Having fun being kinky while building your immune system sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

What about blue savory foods?  Perhaps you could spread a creamy “cum dip” on your blue corn tortilla chip. There are many ways you can incorporate cum eating with blue foods if you can think outside the box a bit.


Which Red, White, and Blue Combination is YOUR Favorite?


Cum-Frosted Cookies with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975Now that we’ve discussed each of the colors individually, how are you going to make a red, white, and blue dish to incorporate eating your cum?  Perhaps a parfait with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream?  Frosting sugar cookies with red, white, and blue sprinkles?

Maybe adding a little “cum cream” to some salsa and a little “cum cream” to some ranch dip and then dip your blue corn tortilla chips into them? Perhaps you are feeling innovative and want to “cum up” with your own red, white, and blue dish in which to incorporate eating your cum.

I do so love creativity and thinking outside the box when it comes to cum eating so the more creative you can be- especially when eating your cum on cam for me, the more I enjoy it.  I like a cum eater who is always looking for new and fun ways to enjoy cum eating and cum play. How will YOU entertain me, patriotic cum eatier?

There you have it, cum sluts~ a few fun ways to be a patriotic cum eater!

Until next time~

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