Have you heard about Ms. Claire’s and My Mission CUMPossible assignment program?  If not, you really should check it out.  You already love the idea of eating your own cum or you wouldn’t be reading this blog, so why not take your cum eating fantasies to the next level and join the ranks of Mission CUMPossible?


What exactly is Mission CUMPossible?

Mission CUMPossible is 30 days of unique email assignments revolving around cum eating and cum play. Some of the assignments are fairly typical beginner-level assignments, some are intermediate-level, and some are advanced.

Should you choose to sign up for Mission CUMPossible, every morning you will receive an email from Ms. Claire or I with instructions on what to do with that day’s cum shot.  All of these cum play “missions” require a current orgasm and some require a previous load or two of cum.

If, for any reason, you are unable to complete a particular day’s assignment, you can double-up the next day or you can do a previous assignment again if the logistics are such that prevent you from doing the current daily assignment.


Why Should I Purchase the Mission CUMPossible Email Assignment Package?

Admit it, you are intrigued.  When it comes to cum eating, it’s hard to imagine 30 unique assignments but I assure you, these are unique- many of which you’ve never heard of before, much less attempted on your own.  This alone, should make you curious enough to purchase the Mission CUMPossible package but if it isn’t, here are a couple of other reasons to join the Mission CUMPossible ranks:


You Need Accountability

As much as you love the thought of eating your cum and usually have no problem doing it for a Mistress, you don’t always follow through with eating your own cum when not on a call.  This is a way to get you more into the habit of eating your own cum regularly while not on a call with a Mistress.  It is fun, exciting, and different than anything you’ve tried before, so I’m convinced your cum eating success rate will improve by leaps and bounds!


Keep Your Masturbation Routine Interesting

It is easy to get into a rut with your masturbation routine, looking for the quickest way to the finish line but that really doesn’t make for the most exciting orgasms.  Your body knows what you are going to do and reacts accordingly, by rote.  Daily CUMPossible Missions give you very specific instructions on how you are to masturbate and what you are to do with that masturbatory emission.  This keeps your body guessing which will make that orgasm much more intense, not to mention the fun of completing your assignment Mission for Mistress Claire and Me!


Cum Eating is Good for You

I know I’ve covered this many times before but there are many health benefits to eating your own cum. In light of COVID19 and building your immunity, this is the best time to be eating your cum and helping to build your immunity!


Combine Mission CUMPossible Assignments with Cum Eating Calls

Even more fun than having daily cum eating and cum play assignments emailed to you would be doing a call with Ms. Claire and/or Me and complete your assignment on cam for us!  This creates double the accountability, and- let’s be honest, double the fun!

There are already many members of the Mission CUMPossible Assignment team but there can never be too many.  Mission CUMPossible needs YOU!


How do I Purchase My Mission CUMPossible Assignment Package?

It’s quite simple, really.  Head on over to PhoneSexAssignments.com, add the Mission CUMPossible assignment package to your cart along with any other assignment packages you’d also like to purchase, and check out.  Once you’ve purchased the Mission CUMPossible assignment package, email Ms. Claire and Me to let us know you’ve made the purchase so we can send you your first assignment.

After that, you will receive 29 more daily cum eating and cum play assignments.  Once you’ve completed each mission, you can email us to let us know how it went or better yet, call us and do the cum eating assignment on cam for us while we watch!

There you have it cum eater… go join the Mission CUMPossible team, today!!

Until next time~

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