Hello cum eaters! I was looking at the stats for this cum eating fantasies blog and noticed there are 5 posts that are by far more popular than the others. Since they are so popular, I thought I’d share them with you here so, if you haven’t read them all, you can check them out now!

We’re going to do this David Letterman style and start with #5 and work toward #1.  Ready? Here we go…


#5 – Cum Eating 101 – Creative Ways to
Eat Your Own Cum


Creative Ways to Eat Your Own Cum – The 5th most popular cum eating post is this one about creative ways to eat your own cum.  Why is it so popular?  I don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

This post is popular with both first-time cum eater wannabes and seasoned cum eaters alike. First-time cum eaters like this post because it gives lots of tasty cum eating ideas to ensure cum eating success because they taste good. Mixing your cum with some of your favorite foods- especially sweet treats almost always ends in first-time cum eating success.

And, of course, seasoned cum eaters, such as my spoon-fed cum eater (you know who you are!) enjoy posts like this one because they are always looking for new and different ways to eat their own cum that they may not have thought of yet. Though in this spoon-fed cum eater’s case, he’s pretty much gobbled up his goo in practically every way you can think of! That said, I’m sure there is some way he may not have tried yet- we just have to get more creative!


#4 – I Want to be a Cum Eater but Keep
Chickening Out


I Want to be a Cum Eater but Keep Chickening Out – This is quite a popular post, I think, for obvious reasons. Nearly all guys with cum eating fantasies lost the urge to eat their cum after orgasm.  If you are a first-time cum eater wannabe, this is especially true. Once you get over that first-tine cum eating hump, so to speak, it’s much easier to follow through even if the desire to swallow your jizz has already faded.

Those of you who are cum eating veterans have been conditioned to the point that it doesn’t matter whether you lose the cum eating urge or not, you still follow through. And, then there are those of you who have always enjoyed the taste of your own cum and have no trouble eating that ejaculate immediately after orgasm. In fact, if you are a seasoned cum eater, I order you to go to this post now and leave your own tips/tricks on how cum eater wannabes can be successful in swallowing their spunk for the first time.


#3 – All Sissies Should Eat Their Own Cum


All Sissies Should Eat Their Own Cum – I am actually surprised at the popularity of this post.  While I adore sissies and write about them quite a lot on my regular blog, intelligentfantasies.com, I haven’t really written much about sissy cum eaters, here. That’s a shame, really, because there are a LOT of sissy cum eaters out there and they all know we Mistresses expect them to clean up their sissy cummies every single time.

What’s more, is you sissy gurls not only know we Mistresses expect it, you just know it wouldn’t do for sissy to be a sticky mess, would it? Not only that, but if you’re a slutty little sissy who craves cock, how do you expect to be able to swallow His cum while sucking cock if you haven’t prepared yourself by eating your own cummies? You certainly wouldn’t want to be a bad sissy and spit out his spunk, would you?

Are you a sissy who regularly visits this cum eating blog?  If so, drop a comment below and let me know what kinds of post topics you’d like to see more of here on this blog.


#2 -Fake Cum Recipes for Cum Eating and Ejaculating


Fake Cum Recipes for Cum Eating and Ejaculating – This is another post of surprising popularity.  When I first published the post, I knew there would be some interest but I must admit, I did not expect it to reach the point of popularity where it is one of the top most visited posts on this blog.  I suppose I should’ve known since you naughty cum sluts are always looking for ways to get more goo to gobble.

I also should’ve known you little cock whore cum sluts would be looking for realistic fake cum recipes to fill your ejaculating dildo so you can experience even in fantasy what it might be like in real-life to have a big cock fill your ass pussy full of cum. Do you have a favorite fake cum recipe you like to use in your ejaculating dildo or just for cum eating and cum play in general?  If so, drop a comment letting us know your favorite recipe and why.  Can’t wait to see your faves!


And now…. I know you’ve been waiting for it… here it is…. the NUMBER ONE most popular cum eating post…



 #1 – How to Save Your Cum for Future Sessions


Saving Your Cum for a Session – This one doesn’t surprise me. I expected it to be one of the very top posts because saving cum for future sessions is quite popular for a few reasons. First, those of you who love cum play while they’re masturbating love the idea of having several loads of cum to eat and play with during our session. Second, those of you who haven’t been successful cum eaters because of losing the urge after orgasm have discovered that having a saved load of jizz to swallow while still masturbating and horny is likely to be the only way you’ll succeed as a cum eater.

Whether you’re saving your cum for the first time so you can try to be a successful cum eater or whether you’re saving double-digit loads of cum because you are a cum slut humiliation whore, it is important to know how to safely preserve your cum for future sessions. Have you tried saving your cum for future cum eating sessions yet?  If not, there’s not time like the present to start!

There you have it, cum eaters~ the 5 most visited cum eating posts! Do you have a favorite post that wasn’t on this list? If so, leave a comment and let me know your favorite. If enough of you have favorites aside from these 5, I’ll write another post about those.

Until next time~

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