You may have read about Ms. Cassandra’s and my newest chastity pet, bildo.  He’s a cum eater who needed to be put in chastity because left to his own devices, he will masturbate far too much, limiting the cum production and also making himself not as readily available for his wife, should she require his services.

Chastity to Build up Cum Production

It may seem odd to place a cum eater in chastity since he enjoys eating his own cum, but it’s actually a very good idea to do this, at least for certain periods of time, in order to build up a good amount of cum between ejaculations.  The goal of a good cum eater is to produce lots of sticky jizz for cum eating enjoyment and having too many ejaculations too close together limits the amount of splooge that oozes out.

Such is the case with bildo or bumbling bill.  He wants to be in chastity for us, to feel that control, and to know that it is helping him build up the amount of cum available for him to swallow, should he be given the opportunity to cum for us anytime soon, yet he is struggling with wearing the chastity device.

He has to take the device off in the evenings because his wife does not understand his desire for chastity which seems to be making it more difficult for him to put the cage back on every morning.

Will Bildo Ever Get to Eat His Cum?

What I have to say about that, bumbling bill, is that if you truly want to feel controlled and truly want to build up the amount of cum for you to eat, then you MUST follow through and lock that cock up every morning.

At this rate, you will never be allowed release because of punishment for not doing as told, so that huge amount of tasty cum you crave won’t even be within reach!

Until next time, cum eating sluts~

Your Cum Eating Fantasies Mistress

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