Cum eating and chastity– you may think these two things are mutually exclusive but they are not.  Being in chastity can actually enhance your cum eating experience just as cum eating can add to the thrill of your chastity experience.


Cum Eating and Chastity: How Does that Work?

Prostate Milking and Cum Eating go Together Like Peanut Butter and JellyHow does cum eating work while in chastity?  It’s quite simple, really.  While you are in chastity, you are teased and edged endlessly, causing lots of pre-cum leakage.  You also should have periodic prostate milking sessions which will drain lots of cum out of those testicles without actually producing an orgasm.

The constant streams of pre-cum and the oodles of steady-streaming jizz produced through prostate milking should not be wasted.  By that, I mean, you need to eat that cum, chastity slave!  You may think you don’t want to eat your cum and in the beginning, may have a difficult time, but I am here to tell you that being in chastity changes your viewpoint.

Things you once thought you’d never like or never do suddenly become the very things you want to do and fantasize about doing!  It sounds crazy, I know, but that’s one of the beautiful things about chastity.  If you’ve never been in chastity for any length of time, you may not understand this, which is precisely the reason you need to be put in chastity!


Why do I Have to Eat My Cum for You- Even in Chastity?

Spoon-fed Cum Eater for Ms. Hunter (800) 600-6975You have to eat your own cum for me simply because I expect you to do so. Some of you are already seasoned cum eaters (danny and my spoon-fed cum eater are just two who come to mind here) you have no problem with this.

I know how much you cum sluts look forward to gobbling your goo whether I am watching you or not! This part is for everyone else. All those who don’t get excited about eating their own cum or those who do get excited about it until the point of orgasm and then lose the cum eating desire, this next part is for you.

“But Mistress, I don’t like the taste of my cum,” you say.  Funny you should mention that, you see- the pre-cum and cum produced through prostate milking tastes completely different than cum produced through an actual orgasm.  If you don’t believe me and are still too chicken to give it a try- even though I EXPECT YOU TO EAT THAT CUM- read on to find out ways to improve the taste.


Improving the Taste of Cum

Parsley and Lemons make cum taste betterIf you’ve read any of this blog at all (other than this post), you know there are all sorts of ways to improve the taste of your cum so telling me you don’t like the taste of your cum and trying to use that as a reason for not meeting my cum eating expectations for you is not going to work!!

Consistently eating lots of fresh fruit- particularly pineapple, but also grapefruit, oranges, cantaloupe, and pretty much any other fruit will improve the taste of your cum.  Additionally, not smoking and drinking will improve the taste of your jizz juice, along with eating celery, parsley, and lemons and avoiding too much salt.

With the exception of possibly quitting drinking or smoking, these are all simple things you can do to improve the taste of your cum so you can just get that excuse out of your head right now!  For the record, I’ll have an answer for pretty much every other excuse you try to use, as well.


Chastity and Cum Eating are the Perfect Combination

Increased cum volume and better tasting cumNow that we’ve got the fact that I expect you to eat your cum and the fact that using the taste as an excuse isn’t acceptable, let me reiterate how cum eating and chastity are the perfect bedfellows.

Chastity, especially if it is long-term, changes your viewpoint on many things including sex and sexual fantasies. It causes you to explore parts of yourself and your fantasies that maybe have been previously unexplored.  For this reason, I highly recommend every man trying chastity at least once.

For this reason, being in chastity is the perfect time to explore cum eating, particularly if you previously were adverse to it.  Additionally, there will be a LOT of pre-cum and prostate milking leakage, so why not give it a try?

There you have it, pets~ why cum eating and chastity go so well together.

Until next time,

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