Well, I hope everyone had a fun, cum filled weekend! I had a great weekend and got some great coerced cum eating phone sex calls, some of which I will share with you.

First, I wanted to share a great cum eating idea that may make it easier for you sluts to eat your own cum. Well, I was fooling around with one of my cuckold studs 😉 this weekend and had a great idea for a little bit of fun. I mean, everyone likes foodplay during foreplay, but using whipped cream is just so cliche. So, for Thanksgiving dinner I had gotten a few cans of sweetened condensed milk and while I was using it in a recipe had an idea for it…and realized that sweetened condensed milk looks a bit like cum, and tastes great. So, later on that night I took some into the room and drizzled it over that big black cock and had lots of fun with it. I decided, since it looks like cum and tastes so great, it would make a great ingredient to a recipe to make cum taste better for you sluts who are afraid to eat your own cum. So, what I want you to do is get a shot glass and put a teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk in it and then (well, call me of course) but then you are going to stroke and, when allowed, cum into the shot glass that already has some creamy white liquid in it. Mix the two liquids a bit with your fingers and then take a shot of it. I think it should be called Bailey’s Sweetened Cum Shot. Yum yum, I am more than convinced that you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Last night I did a two Mistress call with Tease and Denial Phone Sex Temptress Heather. Well, actually her and I did two calls back to back that were both equally entertaining. The second call was with a coerced cum eating slut of mine though, who knew that we were going to make him eat his cum even before he called us. He also knew he was going to show us on webcam how much he loved to eat his cum. However, when we got on the phone this little bitch acted like he thought I would not make him eat his own cum in front of Princess Heather. Well, this cum eater definitely thought wrong because the first thing I had him to was make him invite her and I to view his sorry ass on webcam. He then got into the “cum eating position”, which is on his back with his legs up in the air and cock pointing straight towards his face. He started stroking and before he knew it, pre-cum was dripping into his mouth. I could tell he loved the taste of that sweet pre-cum because he got so excited when he sucked it up. So I had stroke harder and edge over and over for Princess Heather and I. His balls were filled with his hot, sticky cum by the time we had him edge over and over. After a few minutes this cum slut was begging to eat his baby batter for us Mistresses. So, we let him have it…a cum shot right to the mouth. It went in his mouth as if that is where it was made to be; which I believe it was. This little cum slut loved it so much though and Ms Heather and I were laughing our asses off. It was a fun, successful coerced cum eating session that you definitely need to try sometime.

Your Coerced Cum Eating Phone Sex Empress



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