Hey cum slut! Have you eaten your cum on cam for two mistresses, yet?  If not, why??? It’s one thing to eat your cum for ME on cam but quite another to do it for TWO mistresses! There are a variety of reasons two Mistress calls are so exciting. Let’s take a look at some of them


Why TWO Mistresses are Better Than One


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There are a few reasons two Mistress calls are so exciting. First, it’s fun, if you’ve enjoyed eating your cum on calls with a couple of Mistress individually, to get us both together on a cum eating cam call and amp up the excitement.  Two Mistresses together are synergistic and take things to the next level.  Especially, if the Mistresses have done a lot of calls together and play well off of one another.

Of course, the two Mistresses you chose don’t have to be ladies who have done a lot of calls together. I’ve done many calls where the other Mistress and I have never done calls together yet we take your cum eating fantasy scenario and run with it.  Some Mistresses just have a natural chemistry and others develop that chemistry over time.  That said, it does happen occasionally where two Mistresses don’t click and prefer not to do calls together, but that is quite rare.

Me, I LOVE doing two Mistress calls, no matter who the other Mistress is! Have YOU done a two Mistress call with me yet? If not, why?!  What are you waiting for?


Showing Off Cum Sluts


Mistress CUMPossible with Ms Claire and Ms Hunter (800) 601-6975One of the biggest reasons I especially enjoy doing cum eating calls with another Mistress is showing off you cum eating sluts and all the ways you enjoy cum play and cum eating. This is especially fun if you are a prolific cum slut and have saved up previous cum loads to use during our call.

There are so many fun ways to show off what a cum slut you are!  I love talking all about you and the ways you’ve eaten your cum to the other Mistress as we are watching you follow our cum eating instructions! Watching you perform on cam and showing you off to the other Mistress is especially fun if you are into humiliation, as many cum eaters are. In addition to my own humiliating cum play and cum eating ideas, the other Mistress often has a few ideas of ways to humiliate yourself on cam I have not yet seen you do!

There you have it, cum sluts! Why you NEED to eat your cum on cam with TWO Mistresses! What about it? Are you game? Can you handle TWO of us watching and directing you in ways to eat your cum? If not, drop a comment and tell me why.  If you have eaten your cum on cam for two Mistresses before, drop a comment and tell me why it was so exciting!

Until next time~

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