After talking to hundreds of cum eating sluts, I have determined that most fall in one of several categories. Some fall into several of these categories and others fall into the “other” category. What type of cum eater are you?

1) Good to Go until the “O”

You have fantasized about it for years. The thought of eating your cum, particularly in front of a sexy, dominant woman, keeps your dick rock hard and gets you to the “moment of truth” in record time!

Trouble is, once you get that release, you reach for a tissue to clean that cum of your hand, rather than licking it off while it’s still warm (which is what you wanted to do until it was time to do it!That’s why you need a woman who will be your cum eating coach

2) Constant Cum Cravers

You boys are addicted to the taste of cum, whether it be your own brand of self serving sauce or the tasty cuckold cream pie your wife’s lover left behind. You crave cum constantly and often find yourself daydreaming about new ways to feed that craving!

3) Cock Curious Cum Eaters

Curious cum eaters have watched all the cum shot and bukkake videos they can find, imagining themselves on their knees, mouth open, ready to taste that hot, sticky spunk. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say, so instead of wondering what it tastes like, call a hot, sexy, phone sex Mistress for a coached cum eating session.

4) Cum Guzzling Gamer

h how some of you cum eaters love to play games! Whether it is making your own creative cum catcher and putting it to the test, playing cum roulette and counting on the luck of the dice to determine whether you will have to actually eat your cum, or any other number of cum eating antics, you cum eating sluts like to have a good time with it!-

5) Scientific Cum Sampler

You have tasted your own cum many times; in fact, you’ve mad it your personal mission to see how different foods you eat effect the taste of your ejaculate. Of course, your mission is purely scientific. You wouldn’t want others to think you actually *gasp* enjoy it eating your cum, or anything!

6) Cum Recipe Connoisseurs

This type of cum eater enjoys knowing they are eating cum-filled recipes, whether they actually taste the cum, or not. The mere fact that they are eating their own cum is a brand of sweet humiliation that gets their rocks of like nothing else can.

So, I ask you again- which “type” are you? Do you fall into more than one category? Do you fall into a category not mentioned here?

Cum curious minds want to know. Reply to this post and tell us what exactly what kind of cum eater you are!

I can’t wait to see your responses!!

Until next time, cum sluts!