Cum eating and ruined orgasms are the perfect pair because with a ruined orgasm you’re still horny so it’s easier to eat any ejaculate that escapes than trying to eat it after a full orgasm when it’s common to lose the desire to eat your cum.


Ruined Orgasms, Cum Eating, and Coerced Orgasms


I know I said ruined orgasms and cum eating go together- and they do- but adding coerced orgasms to it makes the perfect trifecta. Think about it… you keep chickening out and not eating your cum because you lose the urge immediately after orgasm. With a ruined orgasm, you only get a partial release so you continue to be horny and the idea of eating your own cum is still exciting. For this reason, ruined orgasms are one of the most successful ways to follow through with eating your cum for the first time.

Once you’ve ruined your orgasm and gobbled up that goo, you keep right on stroking your way to a full orgasm. A lot of times, there is a desire to stop stroking and try again later because of sensitivity but I am here to tell you if you work through that sensitivity and keep stroking in the moment, the full orgasm will be much more exciting.


Edging and Multiple Ruined Orgasms Followed by a Full Orgasm for Maximum Cum Capacity


First Time Cum Eating Success Fake Cum Recipes for Cum Eating and Ejaculating DildosThis may sound a bit strange since the amount of ejaculate from a ruined orgasm is diminished from that of a full orgasm but for those who love to edge for hours on end and those who are seasoned gooners, not only is there lots of pre-cum to clean up but with multiple ruined orgasms over a longer period of time, there is more cum to eat than a single full orgasm.

The period of time between ruined orgasms depends on the person.  Some have had multiple ruined orgasms in a single session with me and others have ruined their orgasms over a period of hours, possibly even days.  Yes, you heard that right. One cum-eating gooner set out to see if he could edge and goon and see how much pre-cum and cum he could produce from 24 hours straight of edging.  He saved all the pre-cum and had a large number of ruined orgasms during that period of time, all culminating in a full orgasm with me at the end of the 24-hour period.


Guzzle that Cum on Cam for Me!


After saving an entire water glass full of pre-cum and cum from ruined orgasms over that 24-hour period, my cum eater got on cam to show me his glass full of goo and talk about his round-the-clock edging experience. With that out of the way, he decided he wanted to play a cum-eating dice game to determine how and when he would guzzle his cum during our session.

We assigned various cum-eating tasks such as sucking cum off a dildo, licking cum off the floor, adding cum to food, etc., to each number combination and let the game begin! We had almost as much fun deciding which cum-eating tasks to assign as we did actually playing the game and by the time the call was over, not only was every drop of that saved up cum eaten but it all culminated in a full orgasm and guess what?! He gobbled up every drop of that jizz as well, without even a moment’s hesitation!


Have You Ever Intentionally Ruined an Orgasm?


Cum Eating Humiliation and Denial-800-601-6975We’ve all experienced accidental ruined orgasms but have you ever intentionally ruined your orgasm? There are many benefits from intentional ruined orgasms aside from making first-time cum eating easier. Edging and ruined orgasms can help those who are two-pump chumps last longer when having sex with their partners.  For those who are into the D/s dynamic, ruined orgasms give the Dominant more power and control over the submissive and make the submissive more obedient and attentive.

All of these reasons and more should convince you to try intentional ruined orgasms- especially if you fantasize about eating your own cum but have not yet been successful at following through. As a very experienced coerced cum eating mistress, I assure you, ruining your orgasm is the easiest way to enjoy first-time cum eating success. Are you ready to give it a try?

Until next time, pets~

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