Hello, cum eaters! Welcome to the milking booth at the Monster’s Ball! What’s that you asked? “What is a milking booth?”  [evil laughter] Well, cum slut, I thought you’d never ask!

Before we go any further, let me remind you that this post is part of the Monster’s Ball Blog Train. If this is the first you are reading about the Monster’s Ball, you’ll want to start back at the beginning with Ms. Cassidy’s Monster’s Ball welcome. If you have been reading some of the Monster’s Ball posts but may have lost track, check out Transformed by the Sissy Sorceress Alina, the previous post in the Blog Train.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…. where were we? Oh! Yes!  Welcome to the Milking Booth!!


Prepare for the Milking Table!


Come on in, let’s get you out of those clothes and ready for the Milking Table! Don’t worry, it sounds scary, but trust me, it isn’t bad at all. If you’ll step over here into the milking room, you’ll see what I mean. Mmmm… yes, you like what you see, I can already tell! That’s the beauty of being naked- you cannot hide your… ere… excitement!

Several gorgeous women, all dressed in their sexiest fetish gear, inviting you to their stations so they can wrap their hands around that ever-growing erection until you produce that “milk” we’re looking for. Now, that doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?  No, of course it doesn’t.  Just move right over here to this table and lie face down on the table. As you can see, there is an open area of the table from lower abdomen to mid-thigh. This is so our sexy Milking Mistresses can easily extract that “milk” from you.


Milking Table Pleasure and Pain


You have just gotten comfortable on the table when your sexy Milking Mistress sits down and wraps her hand around your erection while purring sexy, sweet nothings into your ear.  You close your eyes and savor the moment thinking how could you ever have been afraid of THIS? Soon, you feel that climax building and inevitably no matter how hard you try to hold back because you want this moment to last, that “milk” escapes.

You think she’s going to stop any minute now so you can get up and get dressed again and move on the next station, but she doesn’t.  She keeps going and now she’s not as gentle as she was before. “Ouch! That hurts! It’s way too sensitive. STOP! I can’t take it!”, your shouts fall onto deaf ears. Instead, somewhere in your painful haze, you hear somebody say “It’s time to dry ball him, ladies! Get over here and let’s have some fun!”

Dry Balling? What is That? You’re about to find out!!


When Pleasure Turns to Pain


You’ve finally adjusted to her rough handling of your waning erection and now, your body is betraying you and you’re hard again. For a brief moment or two, it actually starts to feel good. But that moment is fleeting and it’s back to complete discomfort, though your body maintains an erection, much to your dismay. She continues milking until FINALLY your ejaculate is collected.  Whew! Glad that’s over, now you can bet back to enjoying the rest of the Monster’s Ball. Or can you?

Your sexy Milking Mistress gets up and starts to walk away, ignoring all your questions, while another, even sexier Milking Mistress sits down and wraps her hand around your tired, shriveled member. Before you know it, her gentle touching has you erect again but no time to enjoy it because she’s tugging and pulling like she’s stretchy taffy! Ouch!  Soon there is an ejaculate-producing orgasm, she gets up, ad the next Milking Mistress begins her job, and so on.This process continues until you have what almost feels like an orgasm but nothing escaped. Not a drop. When she’s finished with you, your useless, tiny penis couldn’t get hard again right now if it had to!

Ahhhh…. dry balling! Now it all makes sense! Being so happy the dry balling was over, you suddenly realize you are famished and they invite you over to a table full of all sorts of yummy-looking food. Famished and exhausted, you fill your plate with goodies and get a big glass full of punch. My, but this all tastes so yummy!


Did We Forget to Mention the “Special” Additive?


I know you’re wondering what makes that food taste so yummy. Being a cum-eating connoisseur, you are quite familiar with the taste of cum, even on food, as you’ve done that quite a lot, but– because you HAVE done it quite a lot, is it a taste you’ve grown used to and won’t necessarily recognize if you aren’t aware it’s in there?

There have been HUNDREDS, maybe even THOUSANDS of guys coming into this booth all month long. All of them have been dry-boned. Where do you think all that “Milk” went to? How many different loads of cum from how many different guys might’ve been in your “special” treats tonight? You already gushed about how yummy they were. Was it because they were filled with cum from other men???

I think I’ll leave you to ponder that for a while before you move on to Ms. KayMarie’s booth at the Monster’s Ball, tomorrow!!  [more evil laughter]

Until next time, cum sluts~

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