I don’t know about you, but in my mind, sploshing, body worship, and cum eating are all great companion fetishes. There are all sorts of great companion fetish combinations, but this particular combination is quite a fun one for me.


Sploshing and Body Worship


We’ve all seen the movie 9 1/2 weeks, right? I’m sure I don’t have to go into great detail explaining how erotic food play and body worship go together but I will give some of the reasons I think they go well together. While sploshing and erotic food play are often used interchangeably, many think sploshing takes it much further than erotic food play.

This is certainly true if the person is into messy sploshing and cum play masturbation sessions. Those certainly can be a lot of fun, especially if I get to watch you on cam, it’s not quite as exciting as say, oh I don’t know, licking the cake crumbs and frosting off of my pretty little toes.  Or sucking the whipped cream off of my nipples, or so many of the other exciting erotic food play and body worship combinations I can imagine.

Mmmm… I’m getting turned on just writing about this! I may have to take a break and masturbate while thinking about all these erotic food play and body worship combinations!! Be right back….


Sploshing and Cum Eating

Splosing and Cum Eating Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975Whew, I feel much better now- much more relaxed, if you know what I mean?! 😉 Okay, where was I?  That’s right, sploshing and cum eating….

If you’ve spent any time on this cum eating blog- and we both know you have- then you know how exciting I think sploshing and cum eating are. You also know, it’s a fun and tasty way to enjoy eating your cum, especially if you have a difficult time with the taste of your cum or if you lose the urge after orgasm. Sposhing and cum eating masturbation sessions can certainly be fun, but sharing it with a partner is even more fun!

Maybe even sploshing and cum eating while naked in front of a full-clothed Mistress- cum eating and the CFNM Fetish commonly go together, as do sploshing and cum eating, so why not CFNM, sploshing, and cum eating?  Even CFNM and body worship go together- you, naked and on your knees while worshiping my sexy feet and legs- what’s not to love about that?


Body Worship and Cum Eating


Aside from sploshing, body worship and cum eating are also great companion fetishes because it’s much easier if you are a bit squeamish about eating your cum for the first time, to lick your cum off of my beautiful breasts or pretty feet because you’ll be so excited and in the moment, you won’t even realize that you’re eating your own cum until it’s over.

Or, if you do realize you are eating your own cum at the time, it’s trumped by the fact that your licking it off of my sexy body, a very erotic and exciting way to enjoy body worship! Combine mixing your cum with food in an erotic food play scenario where I scoop the cum-covered food up with my toes and feed it to you?  You’ll hardly even realize you’re eating your own cum because you’ll be so turned on by the sexy scenario.

Well, what do you think? Do you think sploshing, body worship, and cum eating are great companion fetishes? Do you have them all?  Do you have additional companion fetishes?  A different set of companion fetishes? Drop a comment and let us know what companion fetishes get YOU going!

Until next time, pets~

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